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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Spiced Brown Sugar Honey Pecans

Once you start eating these you just can’t stop, they are seriously addictive so beware! I also just wanted to talk about why so many of my recipes specify kosher salt or sea salt. Kosher salt and sea salt have a much larger grain and tend to be much less salty that regular table salt, […]

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Olive Crackers

A new Ottolenghi favourite of mine. I have never dabbled with cracker making before and these were so simple to do and an absolute hit for a warm tapas style entrĂ©e with a dip or just to eat cold as a snack along the way. As it says in the book “you will never need […]

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Leek and Potato Soup with Kielbasa

Last week we decided to put our air conditioners back in our apartment windows. Unfortunately we hadn’t expected the weather in New York to go back to being so cold and by Sunday, our place was like a meat locker! As we couldn’t reach anyone in the building to get the heat turned back on […]

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Chorizo with Potatoes & Watercress

This recipe is in tribute to Barrafina in London. On a recent trip back to my old home city I managed to persuade a good friend into dining Tapas style, I say persuade as understandably she thought it a slightly odd request coming from someone who lives in Spain, but I really love this place […]

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